RS2-Design, Manufacturing, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Training of Computer Simulated Trouble Shooting Simulator for DMRC–Rolling Stock-2 TCMS and Vehicle Control Brake System.

There are two modes of operation for this particular system: - Normal Mode: Here the trainee performs generic operations of Braking. - Fault Mode: Here the trainee performs troubleshooting operations using guide tools like software simulation and e-learning equipment. There are two software’s provided along with the system.

Contains study material for the student to study before fault diagnosis.
Simulation Software: 
The software will simulate the working and demonstrate the air flow through various valves for all conditions of the SA9 and A9 valve by use of arrows/colored animations. The Simulation Software will contain the complete Air Braking System along with interface will demonstrate air pressures and air flow path as brakes are applied through the A9 Valve and  SA9 Valve  for  all  its   positions.