Traction Power

The training system supplied for Bombardier Transportation aims at improving understanding, retention and hence the quality of services by applying modern state of the art training facilities to train its Maintenance Staff.

This training system contains two modes of operation:

-Normal Mode: The trainee performs gereric operations related to traction power.

-Fault Mode: The trainee performs troubleshooting operations and fault finding exercises using information from e-learning aids provided with the system.

E-Learning Modules: A comprehensive set of e-Learning (CBT) Modules explain all constructional, operational, trouble shooting and maintenance aspects of the sub-system.
The Modules include:
-Introduction to Traction Converter
-Charging, Discharging, Activation & Deactivation 
-Drive Direction
-Tractive / Braking effort reference limitations 
-Traction Converter Control-
-DC-Link Overvoltage Protection Control
-Line Power Limitation
-Speed Sensor, Axle Speed Measurement and Wheel Diameter Calibration
-Traction Motor and Slip/Slide Control
-Understanding Converter Supervision and Protection