Restoration /Preservation /Digitization

 As a part of National Rail Museum (NRM) Restoration and Refurbishment project, CC Engineers has carried out various preservation, restoration and digitization activities. All across the museum restoration activities like Restoration of Steam locomotives, scaled down exhibits, artifacts and paperwork.

Indoor exhibits like ancient wagons, engines, pictures, paperwork etc. have been preserved using non-acidic storage compartments. Railway archives which contain all the detailed drawings, pictures and historical data have been preserved by our skilled team of engineers.
Owing to the advent of digital revolution, our intention was to create as much digital media as possible. In that attempt, CC Engineers has created a wifi-zone within NRM. There are more than 30 kiosks with audio-visual information about each and every exhibit in the museum. E-books have been launched, websites have been recreated and e-ticketing has been added in the assets of our national rail history.