Electrical System for Coach

The trainer is built on a scale model of the coach. All electrical components are fitted on the model. The electrical circuit from the battery to each subsystem can be clearly observed bilingual e-learning software helps understanding of electrical circuits. Faults may be introduced for troubleshooting study.
The features of the multimedia e-learning software are as follows:
-An exhaustive content on the subject is delivered. It is user friendly with an attractive GUI (Graphics User Interface).
-Literature with suitable diagrams, animation, audio and video clips taken of equipment used in the Indian Railways.
The entire package is divided into modules and units. At the end of each unit there is an evaluation test incorporated. A glossary consisting of technical nomenclature is used in the software. Single button switch over between Hindi and English languages or any other language is added. Data sheets if applicable capable of communication with a server based student management system through SCORM/AICC/ IEEE communication standards. The trainer is capable of independent operation through compact disc. Book Marks for the user to add bookmarks for important pages in the software.