Air Braking - EP

Braking simulators help simulate the operations and can provide trouble shooting training. Each trainee will contain a physical model that will have brake racks and a pneumatic system of braking. Mathematically modeled simulation software controls the behavior of this model by accurately depicting the presence and magnitude of pneumatic and electric signals. All possible faults can normally be simulated. Circuit simulation is used for training in complex circuits, while one may opt for a 3D virtual environment for training in skills processes for remedial action.
The training system aims at improving understanding, retention and hence the quality of services by applying modern state of the art training facilities to train its Maintenance staff.
The purpose of this trainer is to:
-Study the principle characteristics of Electro Pneumatic Braking System
-Study the components of E.P. Braking System 
-Study the operation of Anti Slip Device.
-Study the trouble shooting of L.H.B. Air Braking System