Mobile Simulator

We have provided a robust small sized simulator for placement in the Driver’s Lobby. This simulator has been installed inside the TATA NANO car for showcasing mobile operation and utilization of space.
The purpose of this trainer is:
-To provide adequate route learning for specific routes on which the driver is expected to ply on.
-To understand the functioning of various Onboard instruments, their importance.
-To improve the trouble shooting techniques as per TSD of WAG9/WAP7/WAP5.
-To improve the response time of the driver to potentially dangerous, unsafe situations
-To understand the various aspects of longitudinal train dynamics, forces, effect of train negotiating on undulated and curved sections of varying grades, application and releasing of brake cylinders, brake propagation and effect of remote locomotive consist.
-To develop driver’s capability to troubleshoot various malfunctions in the locomotive equipment that they normally encounter during train operation.