Maintenance and Operational Simulator

The Maintenance and Operational simulator used for Train Maintenance Staff in troubleshooting of the errors or faults is equipped with software and hardware for that particular fault. Maintenance and operational manuals are also provided with these simulators. E-learning software guides the trainees with the initial knowledge needed to gain hands on knowledge.
The trainees are then exposed to each subsystem where he can operate the sub-system (such as Traction, Auxiliary, HVAC, Brakes etc.) using the Driver Desk. All functions of a typical sub-system can be operated in a high fidelity environment. The track view provided for most Simulators allows the trainee to operate and run the train using the Driver Desk. The entire sub-system is mathematically modeled and effects of trainee actions are reflected in real time on the simulator.
Once the trainee has familiarized himself with the constructional and operational details of any sub-system, he is ready for learning fault diagnosis. Faults are simulated first in a logical sequence to understand the cause / effect relationships. Progressively complex faults are randomly generated to cover all the recognized faults / events. The Simulator also trains in the use of diagnostic and test software.